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Online Tools, Brochures and Checklists

National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign

This voluntary campaign (formerly known as Advancing Excellence) is designed to improve quality of life for both nursing facility residents and staff. Click here to visit the website for more information. (2016)

Internal Memos: Emergency Evacuation

Click here to read the memo by the State Fire Marshal regarding temporary emergency evacuation shelters for nursing facilities. (March 2010)

Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) Resources

Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal's Fire Watch Program

Fire Watch Program encourages the establishment of dedicated personnel within a nursing home or long-term care facility entrusted with the responsibility to prevent and/or react to emergency situations in event of a fire.

Novitas Solutions Reminds Providers about Enrollment Revalidation Cycle 2

Novitas Solutions, the Medicare Administrative Contractor for Jurisdiction H, emailed a letter regarding provider enrollment revalidation. All Medicare Part A and B providers are required to recertify the accuracy of their enrollment information every five years through a process known as revalidation.The initial five-year revalidation cycle was completed in 2015 and CMS began Cycle 2 in March 2016. CMS posts the due dates for all currently enrolled providers in the Medicare Revalidation Lookup Tool at The revalidation tool is updated every 60 days, and Novitas Solutions encourages providers to check the tool periodically and respond appropriately once the due date has been established. Further details and information can be viewed in the linked communication.

A Process for Care Planning for Resident Choice

The Rothschild Foundation developed a guide to breaking through the barriers that often prevent the implementation of person-centered care practices in nursing facilities entitled “A Process for Care Planning for Resident Choice.” This resource is pertinent to those who work with residents who are making choices that involve risk. The guide explains the government regulations that address the issue of person-centered care and outlines a process by which interdisciplinary teams can honor resident choices while mitigating any inherent risks. (Nov. 2015)

Health Care Facility License and/or Certification Plan Review Checklist

This memo by the State Fire Marshal shares the minimum criteria necessary for determination of compliance with licensing requirements. (2012)

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