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Nursing facilities provide rehabilitation services for elderly patients, and in many cases, it helps them transition back to living at home independently. Mrs. Melba, 84 years old, is one example of someone who was able to return to her home after working with the therapy team at Marrero Healthcare Center. Mrs. Melba came to the facility after fracturing her pelvis and acquiring coronary artery disease. Both of these ailments prevented her from getting out of bed, walking, and dressing. She was confined to a wheelchair and relied entirely on the staff to help her. Although it was a long process, Mrs. Melba never lost hope and worked tirelessly with the therapy team for 25 days.

After countless hours of hard work with the team, Mrs. Melba has made significant progress. When asked about working with Mrs. Melba, one of the therapists said, “Mrs. Melba has come a long way since arriving at Marrero Healthcare. She was admitted needing assistance with everything and was depressed and agitated. Therapy got her moving and worked intensely with her which lifted her spirits and increased her motivation.” Mrs. Melba has recovered enough to return home and looks forward to living a healthier lifestyle with her beloved husband.

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