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While most people are eager to return home after a hospital stay, taking advantage of a nursing facility’s short-term rehabilitation program can prove to be invaluable as it improves the patient’s health, increases strength and mobility and can even prevent another hospital stay. This is the case for many patients including Mr. Roger Davis, a former resident of Colonial Oaks Living Center in Metairie.

Mr. Davis was admitted to Colonial Oaks for short-term rehabilitation in January 2019. Anxious to return home to care for his wife of 63 years, he left after a few weeks of therapy in a wheelchair. At the time he joked that his “Bostonian hard-head” and worry were setting in and that he needed to care for his wife.

In March 2019, he was ready to continue working with his care team to focus on improving his mobility, endurance and strength. After several months of determination and hard work with his physical, occupational and speech therapy staff, he reached his treatment goals and graduated from the rehabilitation program. He now enjoys dancing at parties, “running” around the facility and attending family outings. Great job, Mr. Davis! Your progress inspires us and is a reminder of the importance of hard work and dedication to achieve your goals.

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