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Ms. Muneera, a 77-year-old resident of Landmark of Acadiana, is just one example of the many talented residents in Louisiana’s nursing facilities. Knowing the story behind the artist often makes the crafts and creations even more beautiful by the beholder.

Ms. Muneera was born in Loreauville, Louisiana. She lived a hard life but was an inquisitive and creative child who enjoyed learning new things. Muneera’s grandmother taught her how to use her treadle sewing machine when she was 10 years old. Muneera began making her clothes and continued to make clothes for her children, husband, and grandchildren throughout the years.

Ms. Muneera began painting after her husband built a rocking horse for one of the children and asked her to paint it. “I painted the rocking horse and received so much joy from my creation that I continued to paint,” said Muneera. “I enjoy arts and crafts to this day!”

Ms. Muneera was married for 56 years and raised three children. When her husband’s health declined, he moved to the nursing facility and so did she. When he passed away, she chose to stay at the facility because of the quality care she received and the friendships she made. Ms. Muneera recently participated in the 2017 LNHA Craft Fair at the Spring Conference and Trade Show and won an award for her hand painted wooden eggs.

When asked about her craft she said, “Painting is a form of relaxation for me. I enjoy doing different types of artwork from painting on canvas to painting porcelain eggs. I enjoy participating in all of the facility activities and spending quiet time in my room creating different projects. It’s a little harder now that I have Parkinson’s disease, but it fills my day. It gives me so much pleasure to create a unique, one of a kind work of art by a unique one of a kind person, namely me.”

Her beautiful painted eggs and paintings deserve to be seen by all. Thanks for sharing your talents for us to enjoy, Ms. Muneera!

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