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Independence is important to all of us. The caregivers at LNHA member facilities encourage independence because it improves the resident’s overall health and well-being and provides an opportunity to maintain a better quality of life.

Ms. Cora, a 51-year-old lady, was admitted to Meadowview Healthcare and Rehab Center after contracting gangrene which resulted in the lower part of her left leg being amputated.Consequently, she developed poor strength and endurance, an inability to walk for extended periods of time, and she depended on others to complete daily tasks.

When asked what she was most looking forward to after completing therapy, Ms. Cora stated, “I want to continue working on my leg. I also look forward to cooking again and visiting with my family.”

After working diligently to improve her gait, endurance, and strength, she can now complete day-to-day tasks on her own. Ms. Cora has regained her independence and has a new prosthetic that allows her to walk on her own.

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