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If you visit Hammond Nursing Home, you will probably see Mr. Wilfred, wearing a smile, visiting with other residents and joking with his caregivers. If you speak to him, you will learn that he believes this nursing facility saved his life. When he came to the facility more than 10 years ago, he was experiencing signs of depression. When it came to participating in fun activities or meeting new friends at the facility he simply wasn’t interested. He did only what was required: bathe, eat and occasionally attend physical therapy.

Mr. Wilfred decided that he couldn’t continue to live unhappy and unhealthy, so he determined to lose weight and quickly became more confident. Wilfred became the President of the Resident Council and started to feel good about himself again. He later led the Bible study class and participated in more activities including craft time. Before long, Mr. Wilfred was leading the exercise class and helping others.

The more he became involved with activities and helping other residents, the better he felt. Mr. Wilfred said, “The more I got out of myself and into assisting others, the better I felt. I was definitely in the right place at the right time.”

He determined that his purpose would be to be a servant and encourage others. “Coming to Hammond Nursing Home has saved my life,” said Mr. Wilfred. “It has made my journey enjoyable and given me a life worth living.”

Many nursing facilities see residents like Mr. Wilfred in their facilities every day. Nursing facilities help residents become healthier while presenting them with the opportunity to become more socially active.

Many residents become socially engaged again and are encouraged to be more active than they may be staying at home alone.

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