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Did you know most nursing facilities have an in-house rehabilitation team with experienced physical, occupational and speech therapists who develop a personalized plan of care based on each resident’s needs and capabilities? Every day, the caregivers in our member nursing facilities celebrate residents regaining their health, happiness and independence. One example of a resident’s rehabilitation success is Mr. Joseph Griffith at St. Frances Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Oberlin.

After suffering a stroke, Mr. Griffith experienced right-sided paralysis and required 24-hour nursing facility care. One week after admission to the skilled nursing facility, Mr. Griffith suffered a second stroke resulting in an inability to speak or feed himself, requiring a feeding tube. Due to his debilitating condition, Mr. Griffith was recommended for hospice care. Mr. Griffith rejected the hospice referral and was determined to work hard to improve functional ability and regain the highest level of independence possible. Mr. Griffith worked with the staff and therapists at St. Frances Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and was able to regain the ability to feed himself and transfer from his bed to a wheelchair. Mr. Griffith continues to improve; he had his feeding tube removed, uses a rolling walker independently and communicates by speaking a few words and uses a communication binder. Mr. Griffith’s story is just one example of the remarkable health outcomes achievable through perseverance, hard work and dedication.

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