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Spouses often become caregivers for one another as they begin to develop health issues and find it harder to manage the activities of daily living. Mr. Howard, 84, and Mrs. Juanita, 81, both from Minden, Louisiana, are an example of one such couple. During their marriage, Mr. Howard worked as a carpenter while Mrs. Juanita was a homemaker caring for their four daughters. Mr. Howard arrived at Meadowview Health and Rehab Center after suffering from pneumonia complications. When he arrived, he was extremely weak and experienced poor endurance and balance. He was wheelchair-bound and unable to complete daily living activities on his own. Mrs. Juanita joined him at the facility a year later after becoming extremely weak and unable to care for herself. She was also in a wheelchair, relying on the staff to complete daily tasks.

Throughout therapy, Mr. Howard and Mrs. Juanita participated in strengthening exercises and worked tirelessly to complete their day-to-day activities by themselves. Mr. Howard focused on problem-solving and intelligibility exercises, while Mrs. Juanita worked on core strengthening. Both of them have come a long way and regained their confidence, and neither of them relies solely on staff to fulfill their basic needs. Mrs. Juanita can now walk freely and even walks to the gym twice a week; she also washes their laundry. Mr. Howard has regained his strength and uses a rolling walker to get around the building. When asked what they were looking forward to most upon completing therapy, they said they couldn’t wait to renew their wedding vows. They will be renewing them at Meadowview, and it is sure to be a beautiful ceremony. Congratulations, Mr. Howard and Mrs. Juanita!

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